GRÄSSLIN thermio™

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Grässlin thermio™ Offers a wide product range. In our portfolio you will find timers as you would expect an extensive range of thermostats and of course accessories that complement the range. Simply put: everything you require for the control of heating times and temperatures in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


Grässlin thermio™ stands for quality and reliability. That is why all our thermio™ products are subjected to the strictest quality testing, enabling them to meet all applicable standards and specification criteria. All thermio™ products are suitable for renovation projects and new builds applications.


Grässlin thermio™ stands for maximum customer focus ensuring thermio™ products are easy to install or retrofit. You cannot help but be impressed by their functionality, intelligent features and ease of use.


Reliable technology combined with the ease of use for our customers, these are our key drivers for continued development and manufacturing for our industry leading products. These key areas are for time control, temperature and lighting control and hour meters for our energy saving solutions.

At Grässlin we focus on our customers and our highest priority is developing solutions that make the installation process more efficient and simple. The technology used in our extensive range of products ensure we are always using the most up to date options for our customers. This in in keeping with our statement of great performance in tandem with easy handling.



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